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FFGC awarded a certificate to Cindy Rieger for her long standing serving on the FFGC Board of Directors as the Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl Chairman for over 30 years!

Inger and Mona
in their Spare Time
at Broward County’s NatureScape Meeting

The Garden Club of Lighthouse Point

Still Blooming At "60"
1959 - 2019

Inger Jones
President of the Garden Club of Lighthouse Point


Did you know that our garden club has been in existence since 1958? Did you know that garden club members were instrumental in raising funds to purchase street trees? Did you know that garden club members were on the committee to become the 5th city in the State to be a certified National Wildlife Federation Community Wildlife Habitat along with a Tree City.

We do more than just green your thumb.  We connect you with people, plants, and programs and provide inspiration, information and valuable resources. We continue to protect our Florida’s environment due to climate change as we see the abuses to our landscape, our air, our water. As stewards of the land it is our responsibility to educate our members and the public to the seriousness of what is confronting “La Florida”.

Having said that we are excited that the Garden Club will be celebrating its 60th Birthday. 

Please join us in our celebration on April 18th at 10:00am on the grounds of Frank McDonough Park..



Membership in the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc. is open to all regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity or religious affiliation

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Advice from a Gardener
"Cultivate" lasting friendships
Sow "seeds" of kindness
Listen to "sage" advice
Don't let the little things "bug" you
Be outstanding in your "field"
Take "thyme" for yourself!
No "vining"!!
Our Mission Statement: “To further the education of the members and the public in the fields of gardening, horticulture, botany, floral design, landscape design, environmental awareness through the conservation of natural resources, civic beautification, nature studies, and to instill in our youth the love of gardening and the respect and protection of the environment.”

What’s a Garden Club anyway??

This question usually evokes visions of “ladies wearing hats, sipping tea in their gardens, admiring their flowers” This is partly true, but did you know that the Ladies Garden Club of Athens, Georgia in 1891 founded the first club and 38 years later to become a National Organization, known as National Garden Clubs or “NGC”. It spans the United States, District of Columbia with international affiliates of Mexico and South America. NGC boasts over 7,000 garden clubs with membership over 221,000, making it the largest volunteer organization in the world! In 1925 Florida joined NGC and is known as Florida Federation of Garden Clubs or “FFGC”. Today its membership is over 17,000 members. The state is divided into twelve districts, with Broward County being District XI. Broward County is the smallest with 370 members and 7 clubs, 8 circles. The clubs are located Coral Springs, Hollywood, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Lighthouse Point, Oakland Park, Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale with its 8 circles. Updated 2011

If you love gardening, flowering plants/bushes/trees, birds, herbs, butterflies, water gardens, floral design, garden clubs have it. Want to learn more about protecting our environment and the conservation of our natural resources and our water, garden clubs have it. Want to get involved in community projects, garden clubs have it “ALL”.

So, if you want to meet new friends and hear interesting programs, attend a garden clubs meeting. To find out more and find a garden club in your area, visit District XI’s website.  You just might meet someone from your hometown, who is just like you!
by Helene Pasin and Inger Jones

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